Best e-cig flavors are melon and white grape!!!

So I started dating this crazy hippie guy, and he wants me to either start growing my own tobacco (we live in an apartment in Alaska) or else switch over to e-cigs. Well, lo and behold, I found one, and it came with a ton of cartridges, like someone just threw them all out for some reason.


What I can’t tell is whether they are recyclable? I think they are but it doesn’t say on the box.


Anyway, I had tried some of my friends’ e-cigs before, and they all had barf flavors like Mango Muncher and Berry Mandible and I was like, please go to hell I would rather just grow my own dumpster tobacco.

But then I found this e-cig of my own, and we’d run an extension cord from our neighbor’s apartment so charging it was no problem at all (it came with a wall charger, a car charger, and a USB charger, but so far I’ve only tested the wall charger). There were two flavors of cartridge – melo and white grape. They are both THE BOMB. Assuming no one unplugs our extension cord or something major doesn’t happen as far as the power grid/solar flares etc, I will definitely give up smoking now that I have found two actually good e-cig flavors. Plus there is way less chance of a fire and I totally appreciate that.

About Cartomizers

Learn about Cartomizers and what they are.

Cartomizers or cartos are the simplest ways to use a personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette. They are basically metal tubes filled with a polyfill fiber that absorbs the e-liquid of your choice anf flavor. When using the e-cig, it heats up the polyfill which causes the liquid to vaporize and provies you with the vapor for you to inhale.

Cartos are generally inexpensive and run around $1-@ each. They are refillable and last a fair amount of time when treated correctly. It’s possible to clean them with alcohol or similar products to extend the life if you wish to go that route.